Inspiring Champions Fund

The Inspiring Champions Fund (ICF) provides additional resources to our student-athletes above and beyond the cost of tuition. Student-athletes at Oklahoma are provided state-of-the-art resources as they train for competition and pursue their degree. By making a gift to the ICF, members can directly impact the day to day resources a student-athlete receives at OU.

Make a Gift to the Inspiring Champions Fund

In past years, over 25% of members have contributed an additional gift to OU. Moving forward, these gifts have been directed towards the ICF as it is a primary initiative of OU Athletics. Gifts made towards this fund, capital projects or scholarship endowments, will have their gift recognized with Championship Points.

Priority Point Systems

Also, a member will have this gift recognized during Championship Allocations where a member’s total giving to OU Athletics will be factored into their membership level.

Championship Allocations   Priority Points

EXAMPLE: Shelly has been attending sporting events since the Bud Wilkinson Era. One of her most valued benefits is game day parking for Football games. Her annual seat donations total $4,000 but she’d like to park in the Boomer Lot due to its proximity to the stadium. Shelly’s background is in medicine and she understands the importance of proper medical training for student-athletes, so she elected to make a $3,500 gift to the ICF. Since parking is calculated by total giving, her Membership Level is $7,500 which puts her at the Bud Wilkinson Level. Her $3,500 gift will be tax deductible while providing funds towards a cause she cares deeply about.

Make a Gift to the Inspiring Champions Fund