• L. Dale Mitchell Park
    The Future is Now
    Renovations at the home of Oklahoma Baseball will include
    terraced seating, club areas and a new clubhouse.

L. Dale Mitchell Park

The most visible aspect of the baseball project would be the development of the berms along the first and third base lines. Renovation of the existing berms along the first and third base side of the ball park would include the following:

  • Terraced seating to allow for a combination of terraced picnic type seating on grass.
  • Outdoor lounge seating on terraced wall.
  • First base club consisting of drink rails, lounge seating, table-top seating.
  • Outdoor concession area reminiscent of an outdoor sports lounge with TVs and specialty lighting.
  • Integrated extension of the shade awning along the first base side.
  • Expanded upper concourse.
  • Outdoor lounge seating with shading devices.
  • Shaded terraced awning in the shape of a baseball at the far end of the berms that will allow for bar height drink rails.

Also in the plan is a second-level clubhouse, coaches office and team meeting space.

For more information on how to donate to the L. Dale Mitchell Park project please call the Sooner Club at 405-325-8000.